#1 Question About Teaching Sign Language to Infants…

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The number one question that I receive from parents is:

Where do I begin when teaching Sign Language to my infant?



Here is what I generally suggest to parents who want to learn and teach Sign Language to their children:

So that you do not become overwhelmed, you might want to choose a few signs that you feel are most useful and functional. Once you’ve decided which signs would be the most beneficial to start with, keep using those regularly throughout the day. Some common signs that people often teach to infants are: more, all done, milk, cheese, and the possibilities are endless. The bottom line is to choose words that you most often say to your child, incorporate the signs whenever you speak those words, and this will help with retention and association.

Repetition and exposure are key to retention and expression when it comes to Sign Language with children.

This means that you may want to focus more on a few signs that you’d like for your child to learn the most. Over time, as you and your child learn more Sign Language, then you can begin to add more to their vocabulary. Did you know that I offer videos within my Special Needs Modules on strategies to teach Sign Language to children?

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