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About Dr. Luanne Sailors, Sign Tribe Owner & Instructor

Dr. Luanne Sailors has worked with the Deaf and special needs community for more than 17 years, and her passion is leading and helping others to become successful and to fulfill their communication needs. She is the owner of Sign Tribe, and she has helped countless individuals and families through Sign Language interpreting, teaching, and consulting. Her experiences include teaching elementary, middle, and high school students, and she has also worked with adults through volunteering and Sign Language interpreting. Dr. Sailors is also a licensed teacher in the state of Tennessee in the following disciplines: special education, general education, English language learners, and Deaf education.

She has earned undergraduate and and graduate degrees from The University of Memphis within the field of special education, and she devoted her studies and research to learning more about students with special needs. She has applied her experience and personal knowledge to develop Sign Tribe so that she can continue helping and teaching others.

Her passion in life became working in the field of special education, and that combined with her knowledge of Sign Language, was the beginning of Sign Tribe. While teaching special education, she discovered that many of her students experienced frustration due to a lack of being able to communicate wants and needs. Dr. Sailors knew that she wanted to modify behaviors while also helping students to communicate in order to to reduce frustration, and to do this, she integrated rewards along with teaching specific signs or signals.

Consistently providing micro-lessons over time gave her the results that she was looking for. Her students were now able to communicate in an appropriate way which led to a reduction in undesired behaviors. This doesn’t mean that things were always perfect after teaching them in this way, but she can confidently say that there was a drastic improvement in their ability to communicate resulting with increased appropriate behaviors. As her students experienced success with this technique, she knew that taking this concept and sharing it with others to help children and families to communicate, be happier, and understand each other more was something she had to do.

An interesting fact about Dr. Sailors is that she is a CODA (child of Deaf adults) and is fluent in American Sign Language (ASL). She began Sign Tribe to teach parents Sign Language so that they could better communicate with their children who faced difficulties related to a disability. Her goal is to help your child communicate with you or another adult at home, at school, or anywhere in the community.


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