How Can Sign Language Improve Communication & Access for Autistic Learners?

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When individuals who are non-verbal or Autistic have difficulty with communicating, learning Sign Language can be beneficial.

Sign Language communication is an opportunity to help improve an autistic learner’s communication skills that will have a positive, life-long effect.

Learning Sign Language for communication can help an autistic learner to feel understood, more independent, and less frustrated as a result of having the ability to communicate. I have seen how Sign Language changes autistic learners and their ability to communicate, leading to less frustration, and now I want to show you how to do the same.

With Sign Tribe Academy, you will have access to the information and tools needed to help the autistic learner in your life to communicate and providing them with an opportunity to improve their communication skills that will have a positive life-long effect. When you access Sign Tribe Academy’s exclusive content, you’ll have access to a Special Needs Course teaching you strategies to begin Sign Language for communication, American Sign Language Courses, and Zoom workshops!

Since all children have different learning needs and preferences, I have made different videos within the course showing you different strategies to teaching your autistic learner Sign Language so that you can be on the path to improved communication. The videos include methods on how to teach your child Sign Language through the use of objects, pictures, and tips on reducing problematic behaviors. If you are ready to help your autistic learner to improve their communication skills, head over to Sign Tribe Academy to learn more!

Want to learn more? Get our FREE mini course on supporting ASL communication for autism, disabilities, and communication disorders and our FREE mini course on supporting dyslexic learners with an ASL multi-sensory learning strategy!

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