Dyslexia Spelling Skills Practice

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Over the last 15 years I have worked with many students with dyslexia, disabilities, and sensory processing disorders. I have found is that Sign Language can help students in many different ways.

Sign Language is one of the multi-sensory strategies that we can incorporate into learning for students who are dyslexic.

Many dyslexic students prefer and really need to have a multi-sensory approach to learning. With Sign Language you are moving your hands when you’re spelling and incorporating kinesthetic movements. When practicing spelling words with students, I’ve included working on Sign Language to practice spelling skills. Through this process, we look at the word together, say the word, and then spell the word together as explained in my 3 Step System to Improving Spelling for Dyslexia Mini-Course.

Then we would follow through with incorporating multi-sensory activities, tactile learning, and incorporating that practice into sentences as well. Be sure to also check out this YouTube video to learn more!

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